Bang and Burn by Katrina Jackson (The Spies Who Loved Her #3)


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Lamont is one of the best agents in the Columbus ATF office. He runs all of his cases by-the-book and meticulously. Nothing matters more than the job; not even his boyfriend who gets fed up with being second best and kicks Lamont out of their home. Becoming suddenly homeless and single should be the highlight (or low light) of Lamont's week until he gets a phone call from his former partner Kenny, the spy.

Lamont doesn't trust Kenny, but he can't just hang up the phone when he offers the opportunity to close a case that's been frustrating Lamont for over a year. Over the next few days, the usually solitary Lamont works with Woodhouse, an FBI agent who's not what he seems, and Caleb, a hacker with a wry smile and a distracting mouth, to dismantle a gang of backwoods gun runners in league with the Albanian mob.

Bang & Burn is a mission set in the middle of Private Eye, book 2 in The Spies Who Loved Her series. It's also the first in a sub-series called The Spy Who Loved Him. These erotic romantic suspense novels are all about sexy secret agents and the cunning civilians who bring them to their knees. This book is meant to be read with Private Eye and the romantic story between Lamont and Caleb ends on a cliffhanger to be concluded in their full-length novel, Brush Contact.

content warnings

parental (figure) death mentions [car accident]
illusions to childhood neglect and abuse
gunshot wounds
gunshot deaths


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