Private Eye by Katrina Jackson (The Spies Who Loved Her #2)


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Every Thursday night Kenny logs into Maya's camroom for a private, steamy session that leaves them both giddy, breathless and hungry for more. Their online relationship is complicated. She's a sex worker and he's her client. He's a spy and she was once his surveillance subject. Technically there are only two degrees of separation between them, but only Kenny knows that. What works online could never work in the real world, right? That's why they have to hide - even from each other - that their feelings run much deeper than they should.

When Kenny finally gets the chance to train under Monica, this career-defining opportunity comes with a catch: he has to tell Maya who he is and confess his deception, because the spies need her help to bring down an international arms ring.

Maya is heartbroken to find out that Kenny has been deceiving her for months. She struggles to reconcile the man she used to fantasize about and the one in front of her. But she agrees to help him for one reason: she needs the money. Or at least that's what she tells herself.

The entire mission hinges on the two being a believable couple in Maya's camroom to lure an Albanian mobster into a trap. In the process, they find that their online connection is even stronger offline. But is it strong enough to keep them alive when they have to walk into the mobster's lair and put on the performance of their lives?

Private Eye is the second book in The Spies Who Loved Her series. These erotic romantic suspense novels are about sexy secret agents and the civilians who bring them to their knees.


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