Incomplete by Allane Milliane **SIGNED**


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If you wrote a love letter to your first love, what would you write? And would you want them to read it?

2073, Paris. Cece lies in a hospital bed. Her granddaughter, Élodie, reads aloud from a letter handwritten in Cece's old black notebook. It's a love letter she never finished writing...

2005, London. Sixteen-year-old Cece is relishing her new-found freedom as an exchange student. From the moment she meets D, she feels connected to him somehow. Deep down she knows she wants him in her life, but they only have three months to spend together before she has to return home to Brazil. Will their love survive the distance, time and change?

As the story goes back and forth between 2005 and 2073, Cece is taken back to memories she has always held dear, while Élodie discovers a part of her grandmother she never knew. It's time for Cece to write the last part of her love letter. But will D ever read it?

Incomplete is perfect for readers longing for a good mix of Love & GelatoThe Notebook and Anna and the French Kiss. Told in the form of a letter written in four parts by Cece in four different periods of her life, it is a story about finding your first love and a new life for yourself abroad and what happens when you are forced to part with both.


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