Love and Gravity by Rebel Carter


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A romance of cosmic proportions

Anton is everything Grace dreamed of. Smart, funny, supportive of her best friend’s work... He makes her heart race.

Too bad they’ve never met—at least not face-to-face. Emails and the occasional phone call are their only links.

Until finally they do meet. And it blows, because the funny, sensitive, and thoughtful man vanishes in the blink of an eye, replaced by a condescending jerk who thinks she’s little more than an errand girl.

Billionaire. Rake. Playboy. Physicist.

Anton has played many roles. But his greatest wish is to gain respect as science's brightest star. Determined to put his bad boy reputation to rest and recover his company after the theft of valuable research, Anton accepts the offer to work in his friend Lou's lab in Geneva. The lab Grace just so happens to manage.

Amid glitter bombs, shrink rays, overcaffeinated scientists, and stolen research, the two of them struggle to figure out what to do about their burgeoning feelings.

Is love, like gravity, a wave? And will it pull them under?


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