Revenge Cake by Skyler Mason


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Our love story started with a cake.

At first, I was cold and resistant to his warmth.
But he wore me down with his beautiful face and self-deprecating charm.
He made me feel like the center of his universe.

Until one day, I wasn't.

The anxiety and the pills turned me into a different person.
But did I deserve to be abandoned in the darkest moment of my life?

He shattered my heart into a million pieces, and now it's time to make him pay.
Revenge never tasted so sweet.


I was done with love until the night I saw her.

She opened that sassy, heart-shaped mouth and called me weak.
And just like that, I was a goner.
I knew she was the only woman for me.

And in a moment of weakness, I may have lost her forever.

I was tired of being ignored.
I didn't know what to do with her addiction to anxiety pills.
But did I have to let it cost me my soulmate?

I won't let my mistake ruin us.
And if she thinks I'll just stand by while she moves on, she's got another thing coming.

Warning: This book contains realistic depictions of panic disorder, addiction, and cheating.


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